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2015-2016 Boys Team (3)2015 – 2016 Team


Congratulations to the Men’s gymnasts who qualified

for the Junior Olympic National Championships!

Cash Buske     Max Stergiades     Logan Ciocarelli     Alec Wright

Giovanni Gambatese     Evgeniy Nenaydykh     Zachary Irene    

Dominic Gambatese     Sam Marek     Joshua Kussow     Eric Simon

Matthew Underhill     Colton Tevz     Hanry Van Pietersom    

Sasha Malinkine     Jonathon Yakel

They competed  May 8th – 14th, 2017 in Kissimmee, FL

The Waukesha Freeman wrote an article about these fantastic athletes!

Congratulations to the Level 10 team, who earned 3 gold medals!

Casimir Buske – 1st place All Around and High Bar, 3rd place on Rings

Giovanni Gambatese – 1st place on Rings

Alec Wright – 4th place on High Bar

Congratulations to the Level 9 team, who earned 7 medals!

Colton Tevz – 6th place on Rings and High Bar

Boys Team Policies

Boys Team Handouts

Team Competition Schedule





  • “To provide a program where children with gymnastic talent and a desire to compete can develop physically, socially and psychologically in a safe and positive environment.”

Program Objectives:

  • To provide a safe, positive environment where each gymnast can excel at his own pace towards the NCAA Gymnastics Program and/or the Junior and Senior National Team Program
  • To encourage the academic standards set by USA Gymnastics on all competitive levels.  This means if you maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher and turn in your paperwork on time you will be recognized at the Salto Invite.  If you are in high school and qualify for Nationals you will also be recognized at the National Championships.
  • To tailor the program for each gymnast based on his physical ability and maturity.  Each gymnast is different in terms of how they learn, mentally process and apply information.  Our goal is to be patient, give them time to grow and develop an understanding on how they learn, mentally process and apply information.  (“It is not how fast you get out the gate, it is how well you win the race”)
  • Encourage and reinforce good basic life skills through gymnastics training.  Our goal is to help the gymnast to understand how the training can be applied to his everyday life.
  • To teach children how to handle pressure and perform to the best of their ability in difficult situations.

Guidelines for Selection:

  • Persons showing an interest in the boy’s competitive program will be evaluated by their instructor.  Recommendation to the Team program is based upon strength, flexibility, ability to follow directions and listening skills.  Selection may also be dependent upon openings existing in the current program.

Levels of Competition:

Level 4 – By recommendation only

Level 5 – By recommendation only

Level 6 – Must have advanced from level 5

Level 7 – Must have advanced from level 6

Level 8 – Must have advanced from level 7

Level 9 – Must have advanced from level 8

Level 10 – Must have advanced from level 9

* USA Gymnastics is currently reviewing the ages and levels for the next quadrennium.  More information will be available soon

**Age is determined by the age the athlete is on September 1, for that competitive year

The United States Gymnastics Federation (USA Gymnastics) governs competition in the USA.  Routines are grouped by skill difficulty with Level 4 being the easiest and Level 10 the most difficult.  The Elite Level is the same as the Olympic Level.  Each level has a primary age group where the skills included are targeted toward that level of physical development.  Older gymnasts can learn and compete at any level up to the level targeted for their age group.  They will always be competing against athletes of their own age group.

For advancement from one level to the next, the coach must evaluate each athlete’s past season as well as potential.

Competition and Schedule:

  • In general, our schedule includes eight to ten meets per season.  Meets generally start in January with approximately one to four per month until the State Meet in March or April.  The compulsory competitors generally perform on Sunday mornings.  The optional competitors generally perform on Saturday evening.

Commitment to the Team:

ATHLETE: To be successful as an athlete, certain commitments must be realized and adhered to.

  • Practice from two to six days per week (depending on level)  If the gymnast does not make the practice commitments of his level, he forfeits his right to be in that level or possibly the team program
  • Attending all practices and meets when scheduled.
    • The athletes will not compete unless they are physically ready for competition.  The coach will determine when this occurs.  However, all should attend every meet to ensure team camaraderie.
  • Setting individual goals, which should include:If the gymnast does not show a positive, coachable will to excel attitude, that is within the guidelines of our team objectives, then it is up to the coach to re-evaluate whether he is in the right level or appropriate for the team program.
    • Improvement in strength
    • Improvement in flexibility
    • Improvement in skill level


PARENT: Parental participation is a vital part of an athletes success.

  • Keep current with monthly training fees
  • USAG Athlete Registration (annual) due in July
  • Uniform cost
  • Travel to and from meets
  • Maintain the minimum balance required in their individual competition account