Boys Team Policies

Schedule of Fees:

  • Monthly team fees are based upon the number of hours in the gym per week.  The Financial Obligation Agreement must be filled out and signed before your child may start.
    • Team fees are due by the 1st of each month.  A $25.00 late fee will be assessed to fees not paid by the 5th.
    • One could consider paying for their child’s training on a annual, semi-annual or a monthly basis.
    • Each gymnast pays a $25.00 annual registration fee.
  • Salto’s overriding philosophy is to provide a year round training program specifically developed for each team level.  Included in this program are various time blocks for skill and strength development, preparation for competition and training during the competitive season.  We feel that a year round program is essential to our program direction. For this reason, a commitment to our team requires a yearly obligation to the monthly fees.
    • Since personal vacations and down time are considered in our yearly total of training hours, months that your family is on vacation will be billed at the same regular monthly fee.
    • This philosophy of training and monthly team fees has been consistent since the beginning of Salto.  We feel that this is fair to everyone and treats each family equally, eliminating favoritism and prejudice.
  • Meet Entry Fees and Individual Family Competition Account
    • Each athlete in the Salto Competitive Boys Team Program has an individual family competition account held by Salto, Inc.  This account is funded by the family before the meet season begins.  A minimum balance amount is required for each level of competition based upon the previous year of expenses for that specific level.  When a meet entry fee for a competition is sent to the host gym the individual entry amount is deducted from the family competition account.  After the competition is complete the additional expenses are deducted from the individual competition account including; coaches fees, coaches travel, coaches lodging and coaches per diem.
    • The minimum balance provided at the beginning of the season is an estimate only.
      • If additional competition fees are needed, they will be billed before the due date for meet entry.
      • Any unused funds in each family’s account will be reimbursed at the completion of the competitive season.
    • All checks to fund this account are made to Salto, Inc
    • These fees should be paid separately from monthly training fees.
  • Additional Competition Fees
    • In addition to the individual entry fees for each meet, there are fees for;
      • Coaches Fees
      • Coaches Travel
      • Coaches Lodging if applicable
      • Coaches Meals
      • Team Entry Fees (different from, and in addition to, individual entry fees)

Eligibility for Meets

  • In order to be entered into competition;
    • monthly training fees must be current.
    • the minimum balance on your individual competition account must be maintained.
  • Attendance at Practice
    • For safety reasons an athlete may not be allowed to compete in a meet, if they have missed more than one practice in the week immediately before a competition.  (This is up to the coach’s discretion.)

Group Placement and Competition Level:

  • Many factors are involved with the placement of athletes in each group for training.  Some of the coaches considerations are as follows:The coaches may move athletes into another group during the season due to a change in any of the above or how the change affects their practice or the practice of others in the group
    • Skill Level – what skills can the athlete perform now and how fast does the athlete learn new skills.  Once an athlete performs a new skill, can they continue to perform that skill or do they lose it and have to re-learn it.
    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Coachability and Work Ethic
    • Attendance
    • Age
    • Any other factors that may affect placement

Misc. Policies

  • Punctuality
    • All Athletes should come to practice at the correct time, unless he has made previous arrangements with the coach.  This is important because it preserves the quality of the learning environment for all athletes
  • Signed Release and Medical Form
    • Each athlete must have a current Release and Acknowledgment of Risk form signed by the parents on file.
    • Each athlete must have an updated Medical Form on file in the office