Developmental Gymnastics

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Winter/Spring 2016 – 2017 Class Schedules:

Brookfield Developmental Girls and Boys Schedule

Waukesha Developmental Girls Schedule

 Summer Session Schedules:

Registration information for current students in the developmental classes will be handed out in class beginning Monday, April 24, 2017

Brookfield Developmental Classes Girls and Boys Summer Schedule

Waukesha (West) Developmental Classes Summer Schedule

Welcome to Salto Gymnastics Center!

We are pleased that you have chosen our gymnastics program for your child.

At Salto Gymnastics, we feel we have one of the finest Developmental Gymnastics programs in the Midwest. All of our staff is highly qualified and has had years of training and experience teaching children gymnastics. We know that you and your child will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our program.

The following information will help you understand the structure and format of our gymnastics program. Please take the time to read it carefully and discuss any of the information with your child.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to discuss them with any of the staff members. Good parent-teacher communications is vital to the success and continued growth of the program.


“To provide a safe and positive environment where children can learn the fantastic movement potential of the human body through the medium of gymnastics”.


  1. To develop both upper and lower body strength
  2. To increase total body coordination and kinesthetic awareness
  3. To increase flexibility in the trunk & extremities
  4. To instill physical activity as a daily life style
  5. To develop a positive self image and self confidence through the acquisition of gymnastics skill.

There are six levels for girls and five levels for boys of gymnastics instruction at Salto. The Girls Program starts at Level 1 and progresses through to the advanced developmental class*. The Boys Program starts at Level 1 and  progresses through Level 5. At each level there is a set group of skills that the students are trying to master. When a child accomplishes the skills at a level, they advance on to the next level. Advancement from one level to another could take several sessions. Each Session is 12 lessons in length, with the Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions meeting once a week for 12 weeks. The two Summer Sessions are 6 weeks in length with classes meeting once week for 6 lessons, per summer session.

*The advanced developmental class is by instructor recommendation only. In this class, gymnasts will work on perfecting skills previously learned. These skills will then be used to create routines, to compete (if/when the gymnast is ready) or for fun. Gymnasts will also work on acquiring new skills. Progress reports will show the skills the gymnasts are using in their routines (based on the AAU Xcel competition requirements), as well as show the skills they are working to acquire. Gymnasts are NOT required to compete, it is an option for girls who wish to experience competition. Coaches will determine if the gymnasts are prepared to enter a competition.


  1. Advancement of individual will be upon recommendation of the instructor.
  2. Unless grossly misplaced, all students will remain in their assigned class level until the next registration period. If a change is warranted, it can only be made if an opening exists in the next level.
  3. Progress reports will be sent to each student’s parent identifying accomplished skills, skills that are close to being mastered, and those skills not yet learned. Reports will be sent home the last week of the fall and winter sessions.
  4. Any questions on advancement should be directed to your child’s instructor.

There is an opportunity for a limited number of individuals to join one of Salto’s competitive teams. Interested students should proceed as follows:

Contact one of the following coaches:

Alex Belanovski – Boys Program Director (Brookfield)

Brittany Solberg – Girls PreTeam, Level 1-8, TOPS, Sr. TOPS (West)

Julie Holden – Girls Team Level 3-10, MINI TOPS, TOPS Director WI (West)

Kristen Kremer- Girls Level 7-10 (West)

Emily Melcarek – Girls Level 3-8 (West)
Vitali Rudnitski – Girls Level 7-10 (West)
Nikki Pawlak – Girls Xcel (Brookfield)

Shari Wright – Girls Pre Team – Level 2 (Brookfield)

The appropriate Program Director will advise you as to openings in the Team Program. Information about team testing where appropriate, team fees, practice hours and additional team obligations will be explained.


  1. We encourage communication between teacher and parent. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher by phone: Brookfield – 262-782-3430, Waukesha –  262-549-3344 or direct your questions to the office. We encourage you to share any and all ideas you might have for our program. Our program cannot grow unless there is open communication between teacher and parent.
  2. Parents – we ask that you do not coach your child from the sidelines”. This only serves to distract your child and disrupt the flow of the class.
  3. Only those students who are participating in a class are permitted in gym. No shoes are permitted in the gym.
  4. Gymnasts should be picked up when their class is over. We are not responsible for them before or alter their scheduled class time.
  5. Please check with your child for handouts and newsletters. Also, be sure to read the signs posted in the entry way. We always post and send home notices of any gym closings and schedule changes.

The class fee balance should be paid before your child’s class begins. Payments may be made at the office or by mail. If the full balance can not be paid by the beginning of class, please make special arrangements with the office. If the balance is not paid on time, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your balance EACH MONTH the balance is delinquent.

Any student with a pre-existing open wound must have the wound appropriately bandaged. A student with an uncovered open wound will NOT be allowed to participate. They may observe from the side.

If the student wishes to participate, the wound must be appropriately cleaned and covered by the parent.

In case of snow, ice, or severe cold weather, we will notify WTMJ (620AM), WQBW (97.3FM), WISN (1130AM), Channel 12 TV, WKLH (96.5FM), and WHQG (102.9FM) to broadcast a closing bulletin. Cancelled classes will be made up. Salto, Inc will not be responsible for errors broadcast on radio or television.


Students who miss class are allowed to attend 2 make-up classes per session. These classes must be made up during the current session. All make-up classes must be scheduled in advance through the office. Please call ahead or arrange in person as class options are based on availability.

There is a medical form enclosed with this packet. Each child must have a medical form on file at Salto. Please fill out the form and return it to the gym office the first day of classes.


  1. GIRLS: 1 piece leotard, barefoot or footless tights
    BOYS: Gym shorts and a T-shirt
  2. Hand Grips (by instructor recommendation):
    Never endanger your holding power with too much protective material on your hands.

    1. Never use grips made of inferior materials, and be sure the grips you are adequate for your purpose.
    2. Check your grips daily for weakened stitching, tears, and hard slippery surfaces.
    3. Be sure grips are fastened securely before performing.
    4. Be sure the rough surface of the grip is in contact with the apparatus.
    5. Never use dowel grips without expert supervision.
  3. Be sure your hair is tied back out of your face so that it will not block your vision no matter what your body position is.
  4. No jewelry should be worn during classes.
  5. If eyeglasses are worn, be sure they are securely fastened.


  1. NO street shoes should be worn on the carpeted areas of the gym floor.
  2. NO food or drink allowed on the gym floor. NO gum chewing during class.
  3. Do not use apparatus without qualified supervision. Before or after classes, gymnasts should stay off the apparatus.
  4. Before mounting apparatus, make sure it is properly adjusted and secured. Make sure that sufficient mats and appropriate landing space is available. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  5. Use proper conditioning and warm up exercises before attempting new and/or vigorous moves.
  6. Attempt new skills in proper progression. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  7. When attempting a new or difficult skill, a qualified spotter should be used. When in doubt, always use a spotter. CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR!
  8. Caution: Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height, may cause serious accidental injury.
  9. Dismounts from apparatus require proper landing techniques. Do not land on head or back as serious injury may result.
  10. Any skill involving the inversion of the body could be dangerous and cause serious neck or head injury.
  11. Keep your hands dry with chalk at all times.
  12. Keep excess chalk in the box.