Girls Team

 Girls Team 2016 – 2017

Congratulations to the Level 9 Girls who qualified for Westerns!

Emma Hindle     Kaylee Lafernier     Gianna Lenczner    

Anastasia Rudnitskaya     Sophie Swartzmiller      

Congratulations to the Level 10 Girls who qualified for JO Nationals!

Taylor Jensen     Ariana Zens     Allison Zuhlke


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“To provide a program where the children with gymnastics talent and desire to compete can develop physically, socially, and psychologically in a safe and positive environment.”


It is the goal of the competitive program at Salto to:

1) Provide a positive competitive opportunity to those who wish to attain the ultimate in gymnastics experience.
2) Teach children how to set individual and team goals.
3) Teach children how to set up a plan to achieve their goals.
4) Help children cope with the concepts of winning and losing; to teach them how to be gracious winners and learn from losses or failures.
5) Teach children how to handle pressure and perform to the best of their ability in pressure situations.


USA Gymnastics governs our programs and competition in the United States.  USAG provides us with non-competitive programs, compulsory routines for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, the code of points for optional gymnasts, and rules, policies and guidelines for the advancement for all levels.  Every competitive athlete is required to be a member of USA Gymnastics.  Dues are collected annually.




Girls Team Pre Team -Level 2 (Brookfield) Shari Wright (262)782-3430
Girls Xcel (Brookfield) Nikki Pawlak (262)782-34330
Girls Pre Team, Team Levels 1-10 Brittany Solberg (262)549-3344
Girls Team Levels 3 – 8 Julie Holden & Emily Melcarek (262)549-3344
Girls Team Levels 7 – 10 Vitali Rudnitski
TOPS & Senior TOPS
Brittany Solberg
Mini TOPS Julie Holden (262)549-3344

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the director of your child’s program. Please also remember that it is difficult for coaches to talk to you during class – it is best to call or set up an appointment.


Many factors are involved in the placement of athletes in each group for training. Some, but not all, of the considerations used by the coaches are as follows:

1) Skill level – skills the athlete can perform; ability to learn and retain new skills.
2) Flexibility
3) Strength
4) Coachability and work ethic
5) Attendance
6) Age

Coaches may move athletes into another group during the season due to a change in any of the above factors, especially when the change affects their practice and the practice of others in the group.


Pre-Team Non-competitive — by recommendation only.

Team Level 1 Non-competitive — by recommendation only.

Team Level 2 Minimum Competition — must have advanced from Level 1

Team Level 3** Competitive ages 6 & up — must have advanced from Team Level 2.

Team Level 4** Competitive ages 7 & up — must have advanced from Team Level 3.

Team Level 5** Competitive ages 7 & up — must have advanced from Team Level 4.

Team Level 6/7/8** Competitive ages 7 & up — must have advanced from Level 5 – 7

Xcel++ Competitive ages 9 & up — by recommendation only

Team Level 9/10** Competitive ages 8 & up — Level 9 & 10 competitors

TOPS** Talent Opportunity Program — by recommendation only.

MINI TOPS** Talent Opportunity Program — by recommendation only


Each level is divided into age groups for competition. Age groups are determined by the number of athletes in the competition. Your daughter’s age for Levels 2-10 competitive season is determined by her age on the last day of the State Meet for her level. For example, if your daughter turns 10 on the last day of the State Meet, she must compete as a 10 year old for the entire season. Top’s testing and Elite is determined by the age of the athlete on December 31 of their testing year.


Team dance is mandatory for all of the levels that dance is offered to.  The price for team dance is included in your monthly team fees.