Girls Team Policies


All members of Salto’s Girls Teams are automatically members of the “Salto Booster Club”.  The Booster Club is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization which earns money though various means.  To find out more about the Salto Booster Club and how the organization operates, please contact the current president.


Each athlete on the Salto Girls Team has an individual family competition account held by Salto, Inc.  The individual family competition account is funded by the family, before the meet season begins.  A minimum balance amount is required for each level of competition based upon the previous year of expenses for that specific level.  When a meet entry fee for a competition is sent to the host gym the individual entry amount is deducted from the family competition account.  After the competition is complete the additional expenses explained below are deducted from the individual competition account.
All checks to fund this account are made to Salto, Inc.
There are additional fees associated with entering each competition.  These include the following, which are all pro-rated by the number of athletes participating: Coaches Fees, Coaches Travel, Coaches Lodging (if applicable), Coaches Meals and Team Entry Fees (different from and in addition to individual entry fees).


Salto’s overriding philosophy is to provide a year-round training program specifically developed for each team level.  Included in this program are various time blocks for skill and strength development, preparation for the competition and training during the competitive season.  Because we feel that a year-round program is essential to our program direction, a commitment to our team program requires a yearly commitment to a monthly fee.  This fee will be based directly on the amount of hours your daughter is training.  We feel that this is fair to everyone and treats each group equally, eliminating favoritism and prejudice.

Team fees are due on the 1st of each month and a late charge of $25.00 will be assessed for payments made after the 5th of the month.  To avoid any late fees, you may provide the office with your Discover, MC, or Visa Credit Card Number and your Account will be billed automatically every month.

Each gymnast pays a $25.00 annual registration fee.


Private lessons are offered at Salto.  You can arrange your private lesson with any of the Salto coaches.  Please remember, if you are having your daughter do private lessons with anyone other than her own coach, there must be good communication so there is no conflict with her training.  The coach who works with her on a regular basis will have a better idea of what her needs are.  Do not do any private lessons before her regular practice.  She should have at least a 6 hour rest before her practice.  The girls should have one day a week with no gymnastics.  This time is needed to rest their bodies.


Team members should be on time for their practices. Not only are warm-ups very important, but often important information is given out during that time.  To be best prepared – please be on time.  Remember to have your gymnast (or parent) check her mailbox everyday for notes and information.  Many gymnasts leave without checking, and the information either gets home late or not at all !!  Please make sure that you are on time picking up your gymnast at the end of her practice.  If your daughter will be missing practice, please call the gym office to let her coach know.


Salto’s team coaches will determine
a) what competitions the club will enter
b) which gymnasts will compete
A gymnast who is not both physically and emotionally ready to handle the pressure of a meet situation WILL NOT be entered into competition.  A general rule of thumb for the gymnast to keep in mind is that in order to perform in a meet, she must first show that she can perform all the routines in practice.  This may mean that some of the girls may not compete in meets early in the season.

Gymnasts will not compete if their class fees or Meet Account fees are not current.

Gymnasts should arrive on time for competitions.  Please arrive at the time designated by her coach.  It is very important for the gymnast to have adequate time to properly stretch and receive last – minute instructions

Gymnasts should arrive to competitions in uniform, with hair neatly pulled back and out of her face.  Leotards and their warm – ups are required for Team 3 and above.  Only leotards are required for Team 2.  However, warm-ups are optional.

Gymnasts should remain with the team until competition is completed and the coach dismisses them.

Meet schedules will be handed out prior to the competition season.  You will select the meets you want your daughter to be entered in.  Your account will be billed for those meet expenses.  You are responsible for having a balance in your account adequate enough to cover your meet costs.