Preschool Gymnastics / Tiny Tot Fitness

Winter/Spring 2016 – 2017 Schedules:

Tiny Tot Class Schedules Brookfield

Tiny Tot Class Schedules Waukesha

2017 Summer Session Schedules:

Brookfield Tiny Tot Schedule

Waukesha Tiny Tot Schedule


Welcome to Salto Gymnastics Center! 

We are pleased that you have chosen our preschool gymnastics program for your child. At Salto Gymnastics, we feel we have one of the finest Tiny Tot / Preschool Gymnastics programs in the Midwest. All of our staff is highly qualified and has had years of training and experience teaching children gymnastics. We know that you and your child will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our program.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to discuss them with any of the staff members. Good parent-teacher communications is vital to the success and continued growth of the program.

“We feel that each child should be given the opportunity to explore a variety of movement concepts in a save and positive learning environment.  We recognize that all children are individuals and learn in different ways, therefore, activities and lessons are individualized and personalized to give each child a chance to develop to his/her greatest potential.”


“We feel that each child should be given the opportunity to explore a variety of movement concepts in a safe and positive learning environment. We recognize that all children are individuals and learn in different ways, therefore, activities and lessons are individualized and personalized to give each child a chance to develop to his/her greatest potential.”

Several objectives have been identified which follow this philosophy:

  1. To develop the child’s self-concept and self-esteem
  2. To instill physical activity as a daily need or life style
  3. To equip the child with basic fundamental movement skills during their developmental stages.

The Fall Spring and Winter Sessions are 12 weeks in length, while the Summer Session is broken into two shorter sessions each 5 weeks in length.

Basic units of activity:

  1. Gymnastics – The purpose is to develop total body awareness, strength, and coordination in addition to introducing basic gymnastics skills, safety falls, and equipment orientation.
  2. Ball Handling – The purpose is to acquaint the children with properties of balls (size/weight relationships, trajectory), visual tracking, and hand/foot manipulation.
  3. Perceptual-Motor – The purpose is to introduce skills which involve motion and perception (visual, tactile, auditory, kinesthesis).
  4. Hand/Body awareness – The purpose is to develop kinesthetic awareness and fine motor coordination.
  5. Rhythms – The purpose is to develop a sense of rhythm and timing and to acquaint the children with movement to music.


Toddler: Walking to 24 months (with parent)
Munchkins: 2 to 3 years (with parent)
Kinderkiddies:  3 to 4 years (with parent)
Kiddies Plus: 31/2 to 4 years (without parent)
Kinderkids 1:  4 to 5 years
Kinderkids 2:  5 to 6 years
Superkids: Superkids is in the Developmental Program and by instructor recommendation only.

The class fee balance should be paid before your child’s class begins. Payments may be made at the office or by mail. If the full balance can’t be paid by the beginning of class, please make special arrangements with the office. If the balance is not paid on time, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your balance EACH MONTH the balance is delinquent.

From time to time, we will send home information, or notes with your child. Please keep this information for handy reference. Copies of all materials sent home will always be posted on the bulletin board.

Whenever we come across articles in magazines or periodicals that we feel will be of interest to you, we will give each child a copy to take home. If you come across interesting reading material, please pass it on to us. This can be about any area of child development, from activities to nutritious snacks.


  1. We encourage communication between teacher and parent. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher before or after class, or during office hours. We encourage you to share any and all ideas you might have for our program. Our program cannot grow unless there is open communication between teacher and parent.
  2. “Kinderkids” parents, we ask that you do not coach your child from the sidelines. This only serves to distract your child and disrupt the flow of the class.
  3. Only registered class participants are allowed in the gym. Siblings and or friends must wait upstairs in the waiting area.
  4. Exercise with your child at home, and encourage them to practice various activities presented in class at home. This can be a fun time for both you and your child.
  5. Our program emphasizes exploration and freedom to create movements. We do not expect the children to perform the skills we present in class at a proficient level. Reinforce the children positively for any and all efforts. Our goal is to allow the children to feel comfortable with movement and acquire basic fundamental skills which can be refined in later school years. Encourage them to act upon their own ideas. Allow them to be creative. Remember:  We are not only building their bodies, we are also building their minds.

GIRLS – 1 piece leotard, no socks (footless tights only)
BOYS – Gym shorts and a T-shirt

In case of snow, ice, or severe cold weather, we will notify WTMJ (620AM), WQBW (97.3FM), WISN (1130AM), Channel 12 TV, WKLH (96.5FM), and WHQG (102.9FM) to broadcast a closing bulletin. Cancelled classes will be made up. Salto, Inc will not be responsible for errors broadcast on radio or television.


Students who miss class are allowed to attend 2 make-up classes per 12 week session. These classes must be made up during the current session. All make-up classes must be scheduled in advance through the office. Please call ahead or arrange in person as class options are based on availability.


  1. Make sure there are sufficient mats around in case of falls.  Teach your child the proper way to get down from a high surface. Put them on their stomach and swing legs down towards the ground.
  2. When walking on an elevated surface like a beam, hold your child’s hand until he/she is ready to let go.  Then you should still remain close to make sure a fall does not occur.
  3. Always “SPOT” your child near his/her center of gravity, usually the hip region.  Do not trust children this age to tell you what they are going to do or when they are going to do it.  Be prepared for unpredictable moves.  Remember that toddlers learn best by modeling (visual rather than verbal instruction) so be creative.  You are the primary model!

Any student with a pre-existing open wound or wart must have the wound appropriately bandaged. A student with an uncovered open wound or wart will NOT be allowed to participate. They may observe from the side. If the student wishes to participate, the wound or wart must be appropriately cleaned and covered by the parent.